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Recovery And Resilience

It is six months since Hurricane Sandy hit New York and other States.  Thousands of people have contributed to the recovery–both the physical recovery and the emotional recovery.

Much has been accomplished.  Much remains to be done.

This blog is a meeting place.  It is for people who share the following beliefs:

  • Technology is an important tool for combatting health problems.
  • Complete recovery after the storm includes emotional recovery.
  • There are many roads to a complete recovery.
  • Those affected by disaster should be in charge of their own recovery plan.
  • All Americans–regardless of financial circumstances or cultural background–should have equal access to health care.
  • Traditional as well as newer approaches to healing are part of a comprehensive recovery effort.

I am a psychologist and a New Yorker.  I received my professional training on Long Island, at Adelphi University’s Derner Institute.  “Hurricane Sandy–Feeling Safe Again” is my first blog.

Please share your thoughts and your experiences.  Whatever our background, we learn from one another.  We learn as we go.