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Halloween and Preparedness Education

For many people, emergency preparedness arouses ANXIETY.  As a result, they avoid taking simple steps to protect themselves.  They don’t act on the intelligence they have.  They don’t stock up on food and water.

Yet, according to the experts, we might be on our own for 72 hours following a disaster.  [An organization called  offers information in English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese].  The recommendation to have food and water on hand sounds like a no brainer.

I keep asking myself one question: How can emergency preparedness become part of the American way of life?

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy, millions of homes were without electricity. Nonetheless, many children celebrated Halloween.

This year, when children come trick or treating, why not give them two bags of candy? At the same time, recite the following rhyme:

It’s Halloween, my dear.
It’s time for trick or treat.
Here’s something for the pantry.
Here’s something else to eat.”

It’s one way to educate children about personal preparedness. Do you or your neighbor have a better idea?

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