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The Second Thanksgiving After Hurricane Sandy

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Last year’s Thanksgiving came in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Many people were still reeling from the losses caused by the storm.

This year’s Thanksgiving comes more than a year later.   Many, if not most, people have gotten through the worst.

Let’s take a deep breath and enjoy one of our most beloved holidays.  At its heart, Thanksgiving is about “an attitude of gratitude”.

You know what you are thankful for.  Maybe you say it out loud.  Maybe you keep it to yourself.

Do you have time for a quick read?  If so, check out the following:

Thanks to AOL for giving us a place to post decor photos:slide_325289_3115270_free

  When Turkey's on the table laid, 
  And good things I may scan,
  I'm thankful that I wasn't made
  A vegetarian.
A class of third graders were asked to write what they were most thankful for.  Jessica wrote, "I'm thankful I'm not a turkey".
  •  Thanks to “Boys’ Life” for giving us this joke from Danny Z:
  Danny: Why did the cranberries turn red?
  Jake: Beats me.
  Danny: Because they saw the turkey dressing!
  • Thanks to Verses4Cards for giving us “A Child’s Thanksgiving Prayer”:
  Thank you God for all that grows,
  Thank you for the sky's rainbows,
  Thank you for the stars that shine,
  Thank you for these friends of mine,
  Thank you for the moon and sun,
  Thank you God for all you’ve done

Thanks to Sandy Storyline for giving us an account of Belle Harbor Manor evacuees.

Do you have a poem, a joke, or a story  to share? Thoughts on this year’s Thanksgiving?

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